The FAA is recognized by the International Federation, World Archery, as the governing body of the sport on the African Continent.  The FAA is comprised of all African members in good standing with the World Archery Federation.


These members elect the Council and its members.  The council meets at least every four years, where new elections take place.  The FAA Council and president comprises of elected member nations.  Elections take place every four years at the FAA Congress.


Amongst the tasks of the FAA is to ensure that a continental championships takes place.  These championships are hosted by a member nation under the supervision of the Federation.  Championships are recognized as an Olympic Qualifier for the African place on the Olympic line as well as various Commonwealth events.


The FAA is also responsible for the development of continental judges and coaches.  It achieves it's goals through the development officer and the continental judges chairman and continental coaches chairman.


The continental judges committee has the authority to examine and award member nations Continental Judges Status, a requirement for the International Judges Status.

The Continental coach has the authority to appoint accredited Level 3 Continental Coaches.


The Federation of African Archery is recognized by the International Custodian of the sport of Archery, the World Archery Federation.