Through the Federation of African Archeries Committees, the African Archery Committees are involved in a number of initiatives.  These include the Continental Coaches Committee, who run various seminars by invitation for our member nations.  The Continental coach is authorized to accredit member nations coaches up to Continental Coach level 3.


The FAA is very proud of its high level of judges to which it presents to the World Archery Federation for accreditation as International Judges.  It is a requirement of the FAA that individuals practice as accredited Continental Judges for a number of years before being allowed to sit for the International Judge Candidate examination.   Courses for National Judges to Continental Judge Candidate are run on request of the member nation.


The Council of the Federation of African Archery is also responsible for the running of the Continental Archery Championships.  This is normally in the year of the Olympic Games as it acts as the Continental Olympic Qualifier for Africa, amongst other qualifying events.


The office of the FAA sanctions, via the Secretary General, World Archery ranking events, held on the African Continent.