The FAA is responsible for the development of continental coaches.  It achieves it's goals through the development officer and the continental coaches chairman.   The Continental coach has the authority to appoint accredited Level 3 Continental Coaches.


A few years ago, the Federation of African Archery has established their own coaches committee, chaired by Dr. Josef Preisser, German citizen but staying in South Africa since more than ten years. He has called Mrs Marja Woortman from Namibia, as well as Mr Maged Mohie from Egypt, into his committee. All three of them are experienced level III coaches and two were top archers, they can advertise with having achieved recurve scores over 1300 points, compound scores over 1350 points as well as, took part in many international competitions including Olympic Games. Apart from numerous top scores of their archers, their merits include in particular the gold medal winner of the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010 in Singapore (the first-ever Olympic gold medal in archery for the African continent) and a silver medalist in compound archery of the  World Championships in 2009 in Ulsan/Korea. Mrs M Woortman expanded her coaching knowledge and has finished a six month project at the International Coaching Enrichment Program (ICECP 2011/12).


Since its beginning, the FAA coaches committee has issued certificates (recognized by World Archery through FAA) for ten "level I coaches" (seven in Mauritius, two in Namibia and one in South Africa),  one "level II coach" in Namibia and one "level III coach", also in Namibia.  Under its chairman's leadership, the FAA coaches committee developed an education for coaches according to the following scheme:


Level I coach course is aiming to enable the coach to bring his/her archer up to a level of around 1150 points in recurve and around 1250 for compound in a 1440 outdoor round. It consists out of:

  1. Two days (Saturday and Sunday) lectures in theory according to the World Archery level I manual with practical lessons (including string making, fletching, gluing points, checking for arrow and nock alignment, adjusting of tiller, installing of basic off-centre position,   basic tuning procedures), perfect and individual shooting form, as well as introduction into compound archery and basic rules for the participation of new archers in competitions. Introduction into mental techniques is included too.
  2. Five days (5-6 hours per day) of practical lessons including shooting with own equipment of the coach candidates, but also together with archers of all possible levels (from novice to top archers) to become prepared in real coaching activity.
  3. Coach’s exam: this consists out of around 100 questions that have to be answered in writing and with own words (no multiple choice system). Passing rate 80%.


level II coach course is aiming to enable the coach to prepare their archers for international events, reach scores of 1250 - 1300 points in a 1440 outdoor round for recurve and  for compound archers around 1300 - 1350 points. It consists out of:

  1. Seven days in the mornings lectures in theory according to the World Archery Federation level II manual plus lectures in mental techniques, lectures about further competitions rules, introduction into World Cup rules and rules for the participation in international events, as well as the fight against doping according to WADA literature.
  2. Seven days in the afternoons practical lessons, so that coaches learn how to observe, correct, change if necessary and why to change or why not to change things of the equipment and/or particularities in different (because individual) shooting forms; fine tuning and adjusting equipment according to individual shooting features, lectures on top range equipment, as well as video analysis of archers present but also top level archers from international events.
  3. Coach’s exam: it consists again out of around 100 questions, again no multiple choice system. Passing rate 80%.


level III coach course is aiming to enable coaches to achieve top rankings with their archers in national and international events. It consists out of:

  1. Seven days in the mornings: lectures in relaxation techniques, mental training, nutrition, kinesiology, evaluation of individual shooting form and individual equipment needs, use of computer programs for top equipment, video analyses of top ranked archers, discussing many practical issues that have happened during competitions which are concerning a team captain and/or a coach
  2. Seven days in the afternoons: practical lessons with archers and other coaches in observing, formation of opinion regarding individual shooting forms; he/she will lead through ultra-fine tuning procedures for his/her archers, leads sessions of mental training, in fact has to conduct an intense training camp (ITC) under the supervision of the instructor.
  3. Coach’s  exam: it consists out of around 30 questions, no multiple choice system. Passing rate 80%.


To be issued with the level III certificate of FAA, it is a MUST for the candidate to have attended an international event as coach (candidate), so that he/she is familiar with the normal procedures in such events but also with possible issues during such important events, can also handle all functions of a team captain.


Dr. Josef A. Preisser

(Coaches Chairman of FAA)


  • World Archery Level 1 coaches manual
  • World Archery Level 2 coaches manual
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